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Our Philosophy

We teach the true essence of the martial arts for use in today’s society


We are dedicated to providing the
most comprehensive, practical, and quality programs for students ages four and above, with the most disciplined and knowledgeable instructors available. Our school builds its foundation on the three pillars of growth:




Utilizing techniques such as meditation and breathing, one learns to quiet the internal noise and reduce the stress of daily living. The techniques and philosophies taught in UEMA build the confidence, concentration, discipline, and inner peace that help students become successful in today’s society. With an understanding of honor, patience, consideration, and humility,
one actualizes the “warrior within”.




Our classes teach the various physical aspects of martial arts training, including: hand (striking and blocking), foot (kicking and sweeping), joint manipulation (leverage and throwing), grappling (ground fighting), and weaponry (application and handling). Each student’s training is determined by their personal condition and abilities. The benefits are many: toned muscles, weight loss, enhanced coordination, and maximized health. Our Yoga classes further develop flexibility, strength, and balance.




Within each of us, there lies an unlimited potential to reach our highest goals and aspirations. Through consistent and dedicated training we learn to tapinto the wellspring of perseverance and our indomitable spirit. As we begin to further understand ourselves, we develop the ability to understand others, despite our differences. Thus, we begin to take control of our life and take the first step on our journey toward true happiness.

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